Sunday, 6 August 2017

Ursula, Queen of the Jungle

WBro David Purslow has inadvertently found himself booked to spend two weeks ensconced in a Masonic Lodge, but not in his home town of Shrewsbury,but in Edinburgh.

David is the technical support for his wife, Joanna’s, one woman play to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe this August. And the allocated venue is the Lodge room in Hill Street Masonic Halls, Edinburgh. To accommodate over 3,000 shows over 25 days it appears that every possible space is converted into a theatre, and that includes Masonic Lodges.

Premiered in Shrewsbury last May, “Ursula Queen of The Jungle” is a new play by veteran Radio 4 producer Chris Eldon Lee telling the unlikely but totally true account of the amazing auntie of the former BBC Delhi correspondent Sir Mark Tully.

‘I thought you’d be a lady missionary with creaking stays…’ Ursula Graham Bower was a Kensington debutante sent to India to do a little anthropology. When war broke out she wound up organising the head-hunting natives against the Japanese invasion; becoming the Allies’ only combatant female officer. She was hidden in army records as a typist until a Girl Magazine strip cartoon created the legend of The Naga Queen.

The play is being performed at 4.35pm every day from the 13-28th August at C primo (studio) venue 41 19 Hill Street, Edinburgh EH2 3JP (The home of The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel) No.1. If you are visiting the City over the summer or have friends or family who are in the area why not come along and enjoy this almighty girl’s own adventure with monumental consequences.

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